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Welcome to Grassroots Apothecary, one-on-one consultations with herbalist Deia Pauline, herbal apothecary, and collaborative Herbal Clinic Project.

I distill the timeless wisdom I learned from my herbal studies into practical steps anyone can take every day to live a calm, purposeful, centered and vibrant life at home, at work and with family. A few of my specialities are working with herbs, nutrition, and wellness strategies to:

  • Cut stress and anxiety, better sleep and more energy.
  • Build a robust immunity.
  • Tame inflamm-aging (inflammation), for longevity and health span.
  • Enhance memory, focus and concentration.
  • Improve gut function which promotes overall health.
  • Provide holistic support for psychedelic integration.
  • Organize Herbal 1st Aid Clinics & Wellness Spaces at Events.

Reach out to schedule an appointment.


Custom Blends with a Consult and General Formulas From The Apothecary.

Customized formulas for your unique self, finely tuned to match each individual’s energetics with that of the flora and fungi.


From Introductory Workshops to Week-Long Retreats, Zoom & In-Person:

• Wilderness and Family Herbal 1st Aid
• How to Run An Herbal Clinic
• Botanicals for Depression & Anxiety
• Inflammaging


Scalable Herbal First Aid Clinic and Integrative Wellness Spaces.

We provide a smoother, more enjoyable experience for event participants and take a load off the shoulders of event and medical staff. Lets Collaborate!

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Email or call my voicemail: 510-394-2993