What is an Herbal Consultation?

Integral to professional herbal therapy is a private consultation. Together we will discuss your medical history, dietary and lifestyle practices, details that make you the unique person you are, and explore underlying causes to issues. Throughout our time together I may share coaching tools, resources, and supportive protocols at a pace that is doable and practical for you. A custom blend is included. I am committed to creating a safe container and to deeply listen to your wellness needs. All information is strictly confidential.

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  • Complimentary 20 minute consult and meet & greet: Do you want to find out if an holistic herbal session is a good choice for your health needs? This call is a good opportunity to meet each other and to see if I’m a right fit for your health goals. I firmly adhere to sticking within my scope of practice. If I believe you need a different kind of healthcare practitioner, I will tell you. I will also help you find a good one in your area. Free. Book a chat with me.

  • The Initial Appointment runs between 1.5 - 2 hours. You’ll receive a custom herbal formula, dietary and lifestyle suggestions in the session and a customized plan that I will type up for you. You’ll receive a follow up call to address any questions or for support. $140 Book with me now.

  • Follow up Appointment: 45 minute consultation and you’ll receive a customized herbal formula, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and a phone check in. $60 Book with me now.

  • Ongoing Support For Full Body Vitality Package - You’ll receive:
    • 5 one-on-one sessions over 6 months valued at $370.
    • 6 months access to ongoing support & gentle accountability.
    • customized, practical, obtainable, and FUN care plans.
    • 4 customized formulas valued at $96.
    • $440 Book with me now.

  • Acute Care Appointment: Acute (of short duration/not chronic) illness or injury may be a cold or flu, coughs, sore throats, immediate digestive upset, urinary tract infections, 1st aid, wound care, musculoskeletal injuries, etc. Included is a formula and/or coaching how to use your kitchen herbs which are surprisingly useful and effective for an array of maladies. $60  Book with me now.

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief - community-supported. Lets collaborate.

  • I provide a Healing Justice Sliding Scale & Sometimes Barter.

What To Bring, What To Expect:

Formulas are created to specifically address your health goals and that are indicated for your unique physiological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I may blend a formula at the end of our session or within a couple of days.

Bring with you: Please have a list of current medications and a notebook for taking notes.

Location: I make house calls with my rolling Toolbox-with-wheels Apothecary and provide consults via Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, or we can talk on the phone. I am located in Atlanta.

Contact: You can contact me at deiapaulineb@gmail.com or leave me a voicemail at 510-394-2993.

Payment: I accept cash, checks, money order, Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, Venmo. I sometimes trade.

Cancellation Notice: Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancellation. A cancellation fee of $25 & a deposit required for rebooking if you cancel your appointment within 24 hour notice.

Small-Batch & Ethically-Sourced Extracts & Teas:

  • Extracts: Custom Blends with a consult, General Formulas as well as Single Herbs $12 per oz, typically 2oz or 4oz bottles plus shipping if applicable.
    • General formulas include Immunity, Digestive Bitters, Brain Tonic, Respiratory, Nervous System support & more.
  • Tea blends are $5 per ounce, plus shipping and handling if applicable.
  • I personally make all extracts & formulate blends.

Custom vs general formulas:


Custom blends: Herbal formulas are not a one-size-fits-all. Our bodies are as diverse as snowflakes! Customized blends are finely tuned to take into account the energetics of each individual’s constitution and health imbalances and match that with the energetics of each flora and fungi.

Custom formulas for each unique persons constitution and health needs.  

Sourcing: I gather all plant materials from mostly local medicinal organic farmers or have grown them myself extracting medicines in small batches using organic/biodynamic spirits. I have relationships with the people that I get my herbs from and I opt for various certifications that protect the environment.

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