Police Violence Herbal Aftercare

Herbal First Aid Aftercare For All Who Have Endured Police Violence:

Chemical Weapons detox, handcuff injuries, nervous system nourishment and more.

Humans and plants have an interwoven relationship extending far back into our history. Our bodies have evolved in constant conversation with plants, developing receptor sites for chemicals only the plants produce. When we turn to plants for healing, we access a strength much bigger than our species. Now more than ever, humanity needs the healing power of medicinal plants.

This guide focuses on care after experiencing police violence using plant medicines that are complementary to the protocols set forth by street medic networks. For basic first aid skills and in-the-street treatment please reference street medic publications and consider taking a Street Medic training near you.

The medicines referenced here are found in most of our kitchens, are easy to grow, drought tolerant, abundant, or readily available at your local herb or health food stores. Endangered or at-risk plants are not included. Note that the information we’ve provided is only a snapshot of each of these herbs which are dynamic beings and do a lot more for us than what we’ve presented to you. Click here for the full google document.