Healing Justice Sliding Scale: 

It’s important to me to have herbal medicine more financially accessible to all. I offer low-income appointments in order to make herbal medicine more financially accessible. Those rates are $80 for an Initial Intake and $40 for follow-ups.

About My Rates:

It’s also important that practitioners are supported in our work, to balance my own need to sustain myself, value other herbalists, and accessibility to even practice. Fellow herbalist Elokin Orton-Cheung expressed the following which speaks for me as well: “As a practitioner, it’s important to me to have a rate that is accessible to my clients, and fair to other practitioners in my community who also make their living through this work. My sliding scale rates reflect my commitment to the herbal community while working towards making herbal medicine accessible. I Photo Aug 22, 10 55 45 AM.jpgdon’t want to see anyone turned away for lack of funds. I also do trades for reduced rates. Please contact me to find out more.”

In a society that never talks about the root causes of socio-economic status, yet retains enormous class differences rooted in structural intersecting oppressions. I prioritize people disproportionately impacted and even targeted by these systems (BIPOC - Black, Indigenous, People Of Color), LGBTQI+, differently abled, and all facing economic hardship. I acknowledge how difficult these conversations can be.  Please talk with me when booking an appointment, I’m happy to work with you. 

If you need to figure out where you are on this sliding scale I have a form for you to fill out that I’ll never see, inspired by thirdroot community health center to determine the appropriate fee for my services. 

When we show up to liberation, we heal collectively, this is the revolution of our time." - Jardana Peacock

Lets Bring Back Barter! graphic design, editing curriculum, business support, inventory, bodywork & other healing modalities, festival tickets, handy-work, organic food. I’m happy to chat about it.

Custom formulas for each unique persons constitution and health needs.  

Sourcing: I gather all plant materials from mostly local medicinal organic farmers or have grown them myself extracting medicines in small batches using organic/biodynamic spirits. I have relationships with the people that I get my herbs from and I opt for various certifications that protect the environment.

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