Herbal Consultations

I distill the timeless wisdom I learned from my herbal studies into practical steps anyone can take every day to live a calm, purposeful, centered and exciting life at home, at work and with family. A few of my specialties:

  • Enhance memory, focus and concentration.
  • Improve gut health – central to our overall health and wellbeing.
  • Herbs and wellness strategies for psychedelic preparation, journey, and integration.
  • Herbal first aid for camping and for families. I am a nerd about teaching this topic!
  • Botanicals, nutrition, and wellness strategies to cut stress and anxiety, for better sleep and more energy.
  • Build a robust immunity.
  • Tame inflammation/inflamm-aging.The gap between heath span and lifespan is wider than ever. We no longer have to age the way we once thought we were doomed to!

My Services:

  • 20-minute discovery session: Explore the possibility of an herbal consultation with me. I firmly adhere to sticking within my scope of practice and if I believe you need another healthcare practitioner I can provide referrals.Complimentary. Lets chat!
  • I provide a healing justice sliding scale & sometimes barter. See FAQ’s for more info.
  • The initial appointment runs between 1.5 to 2 hours. You’ll receive:
    • A custom herbal formula, dietary and restorative health practice suggestions in the session
    • A customized plan that I will type up for you
    • A follow up call to address any questions or for support
    • $140 Book with me now.
  • Follow-up appointments: 45-minute consultation and you’ll receive:
    • A customized herbal formula
    • Dietary and restorative health suggestions
    • A phone check-in
    • $60 Book with me now.
  • Ongoing Support For Full Body Vitality Package: I provide ongoing support over the long haul for making the changes you want in optimizing your health. Perfect if you have a long term health issue that you’d like to address holistically or ongoing health tuneups to your current needs! You’ll receive:
    • 5 one-on-one sessions over 6 months with herbal, dietary and restorative health practice suggestions
    • 6-month access to ongoing support & gentle accountability. Follow-up calls between sessions and email
    • Custom, practical and FUN wellness plans. Responsive to your needs and goals
    • 4 custom formulas
    • $450 Book with me now.
  • Acute Care Appointment: Acute (of short duration/not chronic) illness or injury may be a cold or flu, coughs, sore throats, immediate digestive upset, urinary tract infections, first aid, wound care, musculoskeletal injuries, etc. Included is:
    • 30-40 minutes session
    • A formula and/or coaching how to use your kitchen herbs.
    • $60 Book with me now.
  • ALSO: 
  • Herbal medicine chests or kits customized specifically for you and your family.
  • Community-Supported Clinics & Mutual Aid. Will resume with herbalist collaboration. Lets collaborate.

What is a Holistic Herbal Consultation? See FAQ’s.

Custom vs general formulas:

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