Scalable Herbal First Aid Clinic & Integrative Wellness Spaces at Events

Patching up bruised and over-exerted participants of gatherings, festivals, protests and disaster zones, Grassroots Apothecary is part of a self contained, sustainable network of clinical herbalists who provide herbal first aid and wellness. We coordinate with and are complementary to official medical and Harm Reduction teams.  We have supported thousands of people who showed up to our clinic spaces. We’re thrilled to show up with humble hands in service to the plants and to the good people of aligned events in boosting our collective health and wellness as part of the experience!   

We provide a smoother, more enjoyable experience for event participants and take a load off the shoulders of event and medical staff. The effectiveness of treating small problems and preventing big ones can’t be underestimated.

Grassroots Apothecary is both a one-on-one consultation practice and a Collaborative Herbal Clinic Project. 

Your event would have:

An herbal apothecary packed with an array of herbal medicines for basic first aid needs. All organic, ethically sourced.
Trained and skilled staff with herbal first aid expertise providing non-emergency basic herbal first aid.
A steady supply of our herbal electrolytes blend.
A 24/7 holistic self-care, self-serve table (lit up with decorative solar lights at night).
Complimentary support to the official medical tent if that’s welcomed.
Customized provisions best for the event.

Past Collaborations

On crew for countless clinics at North CA Women’s Herbal Symposium
Art walks, fairs, & small events as Grassroots ROLLING TOOLBOX Apothecary
Grassroots apothecary participates in Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, grassroots networks based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action.

Herb Clinics Gallery

Here are various herbal first aid clinics and wellness spaces that Grassroots Apothecary has either organized or collaborated in with MASHH (Medicine for All Seeking Health and Healing), Village Witches of Envision Music Festival, Ecology Academy, Women’s Herbal Symposium, Buckeye Ancestral Arts, Sunset Campout, and Mutual Aid disaster relief networks responding to fires, floods, and structural oppression. Gratitude to the countless clinicians, herbalists, street medics for sharing knowledge, teamwork, and making plant medicines accessible.

Are you an event coordinator, fellow herbalist or holistic health care provider?
Message me to collaborate or for more info!


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